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Unique Kitchen Designs & Decor

Pictures, Ideas & Themes

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Unique Thumb 1Unique kitchen designs include distinctive styles or colors that make them one-of-a-kind. Today’s unique kitchen ideas reveal the particular tastes of the homeowner, from Rock’n’Roll to Sci-fi, Medieval to Steampunk…

Kitchen Themes: One way to approach a unique kitchen remodel is to select a particular theme. Do you love boating? Create a nautical theme. Love a particular piece of artwork? Use the colors in the artwork as the colors in the kitchen. In the pictures of kitchens following this article, you will see that some homeowners do exactly that.

How Far to Take It? If you are thinking of building a kitchen that’s heavily customized, be sure to consider how long you intend to stay in the home and whether any future owners will like it. I often remind my clients that keeping within the overall style of the house is important, particularly if your home is of a historical nature. That said, there are many ways to create a unique kitchen design that many people will love and talk about for years.

Unique Kitchen Decor: Many homeowners want to put a highly personalized stamp on their new kitchen. If that’s you, choose decorative elements from the things you enjoy. Love antiques? Collect rocks? Treasure the Old West? Display your passion on the walls and over the cabinets and you’ll create a kitchen that sings, “These are a few of my favorite things…” Chances are good that your friends and family will enjoy them too. If nothing else, anything out of the ordinary can become a terrific conversation starter.

Completing the Look: There are many ways to design a kitchen that reflects your particular personality. Scour our galleries for unique kitchen islands that you can incorporate into your design. Top it off with an exotic wood, special granite, or semi-precious stone countertop. You can then accent the theme with a unique kitchen backsplash made with an unusual material or tile pattern that fits your style. Finally, highlight it all with some decorative and unique kitchen lighting by strategically placing pendants, chandeliers, or sconces in key areas to give the room depth and dimension.

Kitchen Design Photos: Below are some pictures of unique kitchens… some more wild than others! If you enjoy the wide variety of styles and colors featured in these kitchens, you might also like the galleries of luxury, rustic, and retro kitchens found in the main gallery. Happy planning!

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