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Asian Kitchen Design Inspiration

Pictures & Design Ideas

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Asian Thumb 1Striking Beauty: An Asian kitchen design can bring a fresh look and exotic ambiance to any contemporary home. With a stunning array of materials and color palettes to draw from, Asian-inspired kitchen designs are growing in popularity throughout the United States and around the world.

Asian Influences: For over 100 years, Chinese and Japanese styles have influenced Western woodworking. The Arts and Crafts movement, for example, borrowed heavily from the Asian style elements of geometric lines, heavy proportions, and slight curves. Whether traditional or modern, the elegance and symmetry of a Chinese or Japanese style kitchen harmonizes well with many Western styles, including Craftsman, Shaker, Mission, Contemporary, and Modern.

Materials and Colors: Asian kitchen design relies on a spendid assortment of colors and materials. Popular Asian colors include red, black, white, silver, honey/gold, and dark brown. Popular materials include stainless steel, chrome, bamboo, and silk. Bamboo kitchen cabinets, while still rare, are growing in popularity almost as quickly as the fast-growing bamboo plant itself. Black painted cabinets in a Shaker style make for a contemporary Asian look. Maple is also a very popular choice among my clients for its clean and subdued appearance.

Asian Decor: The final details are important for completing the look of your Asian style kitchen. You can use small or large stalks of bamboo as plant decorations. For wall decorations, Asian themed art or beautifully printed silk can enliven the room. Ornate wood carvings from China can bring a sense of history and tradition to your space. Bamboo placemats, asian dishes, and chopsticks can be left on display as place settings on your breakfast bar, island, or sitting area.

Pictures of Kitchens: Below are some pictures of kitchens featuring Asian inspired designs. If you enjoy the beauty and simplicity of these Asian kitchens, be sure to take a look at the Modern, Contemporary, Arts and Crafts, Shaker, and Craftsman kitchen styles as well.

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