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Gold Granite

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Gold Granite Thumb 1This treasure trove of golden granite countertop colors includes over 300 choices for your design inspiration. Scroll down to see the gallery below…

Rich Tones: Golden granites have been consistently popular with my clients. The colors are often warm and bright and look very natural in most kitchens. Some of these granite varieties have veins of black or burgundy minerals embedded in a golden background, while others are jeweled with silvery mica, white rock, and translucent quartz. From light and airy golds to dark and elegant tones, this collection includes virtually all of the golden granites available in the world today.

Designer Favorites: Some of the most popular choices in this gallery include New Venetian Gold, Madura Gold, Kashmir Gold, Sunset Gold, Golden Beach, Golden Crystal, Key West Gold, Delicatus, and Santa Cecilia, among many others. If you can locate a granite slab yard in your area, head on over to see samples of these popular granite colors in person.

Quick Caveat: It’s important to remember that granite is 100% natural, and therefore the patterns and background colors can vary significantly from piece to piece, even among granites of the same name. I always urge my clients to reserve their slabs in person to be sure they know what to expect when the granite is installed in their kitchen.

Availability: Most granite yards cannot possibly house all of these granite countertop colors, but they do stock the most popular choices for your neighborhood. Be sure to keep an open mind and have some fun exploring the options.

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Gold Granite Photo Gallery



This Granite Photo Gallery: GOLD GRANITE COLORS

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