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Mission Style Kitchens

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Mission Thumb 1Mission Style Kitchens: In today’s language, “Mission” is a term that can refer to a few different historic styles, but most people understand it to be referring to the Craftsman style. Scroll down to view the article and gallery below.

History: The Mission style began in the United States around 1900 with the introduction of Stickley furniture, which is still made to this day. Since it was first introduced, many people referred to Stickley furniture and other Craftsman-style furniture as “Mission furniture.” Much like the furniture, these names have stuck with us for more than a century.

Quality First: Like Mission oak furniture, Mission style kitchen cabinets are often made by skilled carpenters that use the finest joinery and building techniques. The result is a practical, durable, and dependable product that should last from one generation to the next. While many marketers and home stores sell so-called Mission style cabinets, I strongly believe only a custom cabinetmaker is truly up to the task of carrying on the tradition of quality that the Craftsman movement emphasized.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: Proper kitchen lighting is critical for Mission style kitchens. Avoid modern recessed lights, which in my opinion violate the style. Craftsman light fixtures in amber tones made of bronze, wood, and stained glass will give your kitchen a warm and breathtaking glow. These can be in the form of pendant lighting over a kitchen island (like these pendant lights), ceiling lights, tiffany-style chandeliers, wall sconces, and even table lamps. No matter what style you go for though, be sure to have it installed by a professional this way you can ensure your kitchen lighting will look perfect and also perform efficiently. There should be electricians in your local area, so make sure to contact them. Be sure to find a reliable contractor.

Mission Style Decorating: Craftsman home designs are marked by a thoughtful use of space and decor. Breakfast nooks are found in many Mission style homes. One of my clients in Pasadena, California, owned one such Craftsman/Mission style house in which we designed a kitchen breakfast nook featuring bench storage in an L-shape surrounding their beautiful Mission kitchen table. A Craftsman chandelier over the table set it off perfectly from the adjacent kitchen. You’ll see other breakfast nook designs in the gallery below.

Kitchen Design Photos: Below are some pictures of kitchens featuring Mission style cabinets. If you enjoy the beauty and simplicity of these kitchens, be sure to take a look at the Shaker, Craftsman, and Arts and Crafts photo galleries as well.

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