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Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

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Traditional Thumb 1Today’s finest homes rely on tried and true designs. Traditional kitchen cabinets rarely go out of fashion, as they encompass a variety of historic styles from European and American architecture over the last three centuries. Scroll down to see the full gallery…

Historic Beauty: Traditional kitchens thrive on time-tested designs that harken back to earlier times. Whether an authentic restoration or a fresh remodel, the familiar character of traditional design brings a feeling of beauty and maturity to any home.

Traditional Kitchen Decor: With an elegant and formal appearance, these designs often feature detailed molding, rich wood cabinetry, and period styling. Traditional kitchen islands are often designed to resemble antique furniture to convey a sense of history.

Completing the Look: Traditional kitchen designs often include ornamental wood hoods and decorative wood door panels to conceal the cold steel of modern appliances. Carefully selected lighting, faucets, cabinet handles, and hardwood, tile or laminate flooring will complete the look. You can find out more about the different types of flooring here.

Kitchen Design Gallery: Below are some pictures of kitchens in traditional styles. The beauty and character of traditional kitchen cabinets is not limited to this gallery, however. There are many collections on this website that also fall under the umbrella of “traditional” and therefore might interest you. These include Antique, Arts and Crafts, Cottage, Country, Craftsman, Early American,French Country, Gourmet, Italian, Log Home, Luxury, Mexican, Mission, Old World, Rustic, Shaker, Tuscan, and Victorian kitchens. Whew!

More Photos: If you would like to see pictures of both traditional and modern kitchens sorted by cabinet colors, please visit our complete kitchen color galleries.

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