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Color: Dark Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

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Dark Walnut Thumb 1Welcome! This photo gallery has pictures of kitchens featuring dark Walnut colored wood cabinets in traditional styles. Take a look!

Dark Walnut Colored Cabinets: If you love wood and want deep and luxurious environment, then a dark Walnut-colored kitchen is an excellent choice. Dark wood cabinets are perfect for those who enjoy the beauty and ambiance of dark wood. Because of its associations in nature, the dark walnut hues are considered stable and reliable, like the trunk of a tree. If you crave a warm, cozy, and intimate setting, a dark walnut kitchen may be right for you!

Dark Walnut Colored Cabinets – Trends: Traditionally a favorite for wine cellars and expensive home libraries, deep Walnut colored cabinets are growing increasingly popular in kitchens. Walnut-colored cabinets are unlikely to go out of style, since wood is most often associated with Walnut’s true-brown tones. You’ll find hundreds of pictures of kitchens on this site featuring dark walnut-colored wood cabinets, either as the central color or as a contrasting accent in two-tone kitchens.

Dark Wood Kitchens – Everyday Use: Like a beautiful ebony grand piano, dark wood kitchen cabinets will require an extra measure of care and attention. Dark colors are luxurious, so your traditional dark kitchen should be treated like an evening gown or a Rolls-Royce; impeccable cleanliness is key. Because dust tends to stand out visually on a dark surface, dark kitchen cabinets require more frequent gentle cleaning and dusting. That said, the wood grain and finish variations in dark wood kitchens do help to obscure dust compared to solid-painted cabinets. Knowing what to expect in advance can pay off with a lifetime of enjoyment in your dark Walnut-colored kitchen.

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This Kitchen Photo Gallery: Traditional Dark Walnut Kitchens

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