Gourmet Kitchen Design Ideas

Gourmet Kitchen Design

Layout Planning, Ideas and Pictures

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Gourmet Thumb 1Gourmet Kitchen Design Ideas: Whether you are a professional or aspiring chef, or if you simply want a luxury cooking environment, we encourage you to find inspiration in the gallery below. Deluxe appliances, large working islands, and food prep zones are expertly arranged in these amazing gourmet kitchens.

Gourmet Kitchen Appliances: A gourmet kitchen is usually situated around the cooking surface, be it a full range or a range top. The range ought to be at least 36″ wide, if not 48″ or 60″ wide. An oversized hood with plenty of air flow is important for most cooks. You will never see a microwave hood combo in a true chef’s kitchen! One of my clients who was a former chef chose to go with an under-counter “microwave drawer”… out of the way, just for warming up coffee. Finally, the refrigerator should be on the large side (either deep or wide), and you might consider a large professional sink and faucet as well.

Gourmet Kitchen Layout: The layout is critical in gourmet kitchen designs. You might consider an island or peninsula with an integrated eating area illuminated by pendant lights. If you have the space, add in a second working sink near the cooktop. A trash pull-out near the main sink is useful, along with a pull-out cutting board or rattan baskets for storing potatoes, fruit or vegetables. Specific drawers can be designated for knives, flatware, cooking utensils, and spices.

Kitchen Planning: Measurements are key. The distances between the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop, known as the work triangle, should be ideally spaced four to nine feet apart. Aisles and walkways should be 36-48 inches wide, and no less than 42″ wide where a work zone will be.

Gourmet Kitchen Gallery: Below are some pictures of gourmet kitchens. If you enjoy the beauty and utility of these gourmet kitchen photos, you might also enjoy some of the Traditional, Italian, and Luxury kitchens as well.

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