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Tuscan Kitchen Design

Style & Decor Ideas

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Tuscan Thumb 1Tuscan kitchen design derives its look from Tuscany, a region in Central Italy known for its beautiful landscape, cultural legacy, and culinary tradition. Tuscany style kitchens have become increasingly popular as more people discover the comfortable warmth and historic beauty of Mediterranean kitchens.

All About Ambiance: Nothing quite captures the celebration of food and family like a Tuscan style kitchen design. With the rich, traditional colors of the Old Country, Tuscan kitchens turn out to be ideal settings for both cooking and conversation.

Setting the Mood: Altogether inviting and relaxing, Tuscany kitchens have a natural and timeless appearance. Richly stained wood cabinets, natural stone surfaces, and the aroma of great food simmering on the stove all speak to the warmth and appeal of the Italian country life. Using warm Mediterranean colors and textures, you can design a classic Tuscany motif that makes for an incredible kitchen.

Tuscan Colors: When considering a Tuscan theme for your home, it’s a good idea to start by studying pictures of Tuscany, Italy. This region was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and for good reason. A broad spectrum of color fills the countryside, including fields of lavender flowers, blue skies, green rolling hills, and deep sunset shades of yellow, orange, and red. Tuscan kitchen cabinets often feature natural wood tones that recall the warm colors of the Tuscany landscape.

Tuscan Decor: Tuscan kitchen decor celebrates cooking, family life, and art. Traditional Italian pots and pans can be displayed for both easy access and visual appeal. Painted tiles, a mosaic backsplash, and even framed artwork will bring some Italian romance into your kitchen. Enliven the decor with bread, wine, olive oil, and spices out on display. Are you feeling hungry yet?

Photo Gallery: Below are some pictures of Tuscan kitchens for your idea file. If you love the beauty and artistry of Tuscan kitchen designs, you might also enjoy the galleries of Old World, Italian, and French Country kitchens as well.

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