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Two Tone Thumb 1Welcome! This photo gallery has pictures of kitchens featuring two-tone kitchen cabinets in traditional styles. Take a look!

What are Two-Tone Kitchens? Multi-colored or two-tone kitchens contain two or more colors paired together on the kitchen cabinetry. In some designs, a kitchen island will be painted or stained a different color than the rest of the kitchen. In traditional kitchens, the second color on the island can give the impression that the island was added at a later time, much like mis-matched furniture being added to the room piece by piece. In other designs, a contrasting color will be placed on the crown molding or in accent areas. The goal is to add interest to the color pallete of the kitchen.

Two-Tone Kitchens – Trends: Two-tone kitchens have been a strong trend in recent years. Of the thousands of pictures of kitchens found on this website, nearly 25% of them are two-tone kitchens. As the average kitchen size is increasing, it is natural for additional colors to be added to the kitchen color pallete. Larger kitchens with islands are natural fits for two-tone kitchen cabinets, since the size of the room allows for more visual activity. While two-tone kitchens are popular now, a well-designed two-tone kitchen will never look dated. With a host of colors on the floors, countertops, backplashes, and walls, adding a second color to the cabinetry is not as revolutionary as you may think. With the help of a good designer, you can be trendy and timeless with a traditional style two-tone kitchen.

Two-Tone Kitchens – Everyday Use: The use and care of your two-tone kitchen will likely depend on the colors you choose. Like a beautiful white dress or blouse, white kitchen cabinets will require a fair degree of care and attention, since dark stains and smudges stand out visually on a bright white surface. Likewise, very dark surfaces show dust more readily and will also require frequent dusting. Careful planning in advance can pay off with a lifetime of enjoyment in your new two-toned kitchen.

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This Kitchen Photo Gallery: Traditional Two-Tone Kitchens

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