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Italian Kitchen Design

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Italian Thumb 1Benvenuti! Welcome! There’s nothing quite like a warm Italian kitchen design to capture the cozy feelings of family, friends, and food. With the rich, traditional colors of the old country, Italian style kitchens make an inviting environment for both cooking and conversation. Scroll down to see the gallery…

Setting the Mood: Both cozy and inviting, Italian kitchens have a timeless and natural appearance. Traditional wood cabinets, natural stone surfaces, and the smell of good food simmering on the stove all contribute to the beauty and warmth of the old Italian lifestyle. Italian kitchen cabinets are often with natural wood tones that recall the warmth and charm of the Old Country.

Italian Kitchen Decor: Italian decor celebrates cooking, art, and family life. Traditional pots and pans can be displayed for both visual appeal and easy access. A mosaic backsplash, painted tiles, and even framed art will bring extra beauty into your kitchen. Enliven the decor with olive oil, bread, wine, and spices displayed out in the open.

Your Own Italian Renaissance: Feel free to be artistic with the bold colors of Italy. For an authentic Italian/Tuscan kitchen, choose colors associated with the countryside of rural Italy. An entire rainbow of colors peppers the landscape, including fields of lavender flowers, green rolling hills, blue skies, and deep “sunset” shades of red, orange, and yellow. Using subtle warm colors and textures, you can create a classic Italian motif that makes for an inviting room.

Photo Gallery: Below are some pictures featuring traditional Italian kitchen cabinets. For similar ideas and photographs, take a look at the article on Tuscan kitchens as well. If you were looking for ultra-contemporary kitchens from Italian brands, head to the Modern and European galleries for more inspiration.

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