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Green Granite

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Green Granite Thumb 1Top Choice: Green granite countertop colors are incredibly popular in today’s kitchens. This gallery includes nearly 300 options to inspire your kitchen design. Scroll down to see the extraordinary selection of green granites below.

Setting the Scene: The color green can add a fresh and relaxing atmosphere to any kitchen. Since we see much of this color in nature, green countertops can bring a stimulating and sometimes tropical quality to the room. Like a leafy tree, mossy brook, or grassy hill, green granites are reminiscent of the peace and tranquility we find in God’s creation.

Amazing Variety: Some of these granites consist of pleasantly understated patterns, while others have spectacular flashes of blue mica suspended in waves of green and black stone. From simple and subtle patterns to astonishing works of art, this photo album includes virtually all of the green-colored granites thus far discovered in the earth.

A Natural Choice: Green granites are exceptionally fashionable these days. Some of the most wildly popular colors in this gallery include Ubatuba, Verde Butterfly, Peacock Green (aka Verde Peacock), Tropical Green, Verde Labrador, Verde Lapponia, Emerald Green, Silver Sea Green, Verde Marinace, Verde San Francisco, and Verde Fire. I also love Seafoam Green, Vitoria Regia, andCosta Esmeralda, which many of our past clients have selected during the past few years.

Peace of Mind: Granite is entirely natural, and therefore the patterns and colors can vary significantly from piece to piece. For peace of mind, make sure to see the slabs in person prior to selecting any material for your kitchen. With so many granite countertop colors displayed here, it is unfeasible for your local granite yard to carry them all. Most likely you will find the more popular colors for your area. Since no two slabs are alike, remember to keep your options open and enjoy the search!

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Green Granite Photo Gallery



This Granite Photo Gallery: GREEN GRANITE COLORS

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