Retro Kitchen Designs – Pictures and Ideas

Retro Kitchen Designs

Pictures and Ideas

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Retro Thumb 1Retro kitchen designs are rocketing in popularity as homeowners look to revive the nostalgic fashions of the past. Old-fashioned telephones, retro kitchen appliances, classic memorabilia, and even old-school “futuristic” designs can be used to complete the picture of today’s creative retro kitchens. Modern kitchen designers similar to those you can discover will tell you all about how they blend some of those “futuristic” stylish elements into their modern kitchen designs. If you love learning about kitchen designs, talking to experts will grow your understanding of how to achieve almost any look. Like with any renovation process, you need to also be looking for professionals to fit your new retro style, especially in a kitchen. Then all you need to do is find someone who can fit the cabinets, the flooring, complete all the plumbing and finally, you can begin designing and decorating! Let us know how we can help?

The best part is, unlike with most vintage kitchen decor, you don’t have to be a purist; you can pick and choose retro elements to bring into an otherwise modern kitchen.

Retro Kitchen Decor: Be sure to bring back items of the past when designing a retro style kitchen. Hang an old fashioned telephone or retro kitchen clock on the wall, and add memorabilia on top of a good old retro kitchen table with chrome trim and classic stools.

For a “Retro Futuristic” look, recall the rockets and ray guns, bubble cars and robots that captivated the futuristic imaginations of people in the 1950s and 1960s…

Retro Colors: The most popular colors in retro style kitchens are black, blue, chrome, red, and white. Other excellent retro colors include silver, green, pale blue, turquoise, and yellow. Red kitchen cabinets, white appliances, and chrome accents and knobs are tell-tale signs your home is rooted in the retro style. If you’re looking to buy new appliances for your home, you may want the added comfort of knowing that if something goes wrong or it becomes damaged in some way, you’ll be covered for it. Having a home warranty plan means that you may be able to get them serviced, repaired, or even replaced if needs be. 

1950s American Revival: Let’s face it. Doing a ’50s retro kitchen remodel is a very fun idea. The decade of the 1950s in America had good things going for it stylistically. The clothing, the cars, and even the kitchen appliances were visually appealing in many ways. When one thinks of the American Dream, the classic styles of the 1950s often come to mind. This is what retro kitchen designs are all about.

Retro Kitchen Appliances: Some manufacturers are tapping into the retro revival by creating large and small retro kitchen appliances. Authentic-looking retro toasters, blenders, refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers all have interesting designs that make today’s modern black, white, and steel appliances seem somewhat cold by comparison. There are also some original retro appliances still being sold in certain shops.

Kitchen Design Photos: Below are some pictures of retro style kitchens for your idea file. If you enjoy the nostalgic ambiance in these retro designs, you might enjoy our photo gallery of vintage kitchens as well. They’re outta sight!

Enjoy the photos!


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