Modern Kitchen Designs – Gallery of Pictures and Ideas

Modern Kitchen Designs

Gallery of Pictures and Ideas

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Modern Thumb 1Modern kitchen designs feature flat surfaces, geometric forms, and minimal ornamentation. While wood veneer and stone are occasionally used, materials in modern kitchens are more often man-made, including plastic, metal, concrete, and glass.

Modern kitchen cabinets often feature flat slab doors. By avoiding excessive details, modern cabinetry gives the room a clean and spacious look. Crown molding, wood carvings, and raised panel door styles are avoided, but curved and angled elements are quite common. Modern cabinets are usually faced with plastic laminate or wood veneer, with the wood grain often oriented horizontally to give the cabinetry a sense of motion and width.

Special Elements: Modern kitchen islands often feature up-to-date accessories to help you organize your spices, dishes, and cooking ware. Natural light from windows or skylights combined with modern kitchen lighting can add both style and beauty to your contemporary kitchen. Alternatively you can go for a less natural look and go for a very interior focused design by using LED or Neon lighting. There are various lighting options that can be included in a kitchen but ensure any option is installed by a professional electrician to ensure they’re installed safely.

Modern vs. Contemporary: Modern and Contemporary designs are often spoken of interchangeably, although they are purportedly different styles. Modernism began around World War I, and emphasized sturdy but low-cost designs, whereas Contemporary designs arose in later decades and often featured recycled materials. Both styles are intentionally non-traditional. With any kitchen design it would be a good idea to think about all the elements that go into it, this includes organizing what kinds of electric services you need and whether you want to reorganize the electrical outlets, this may make it easier to completely revamp the kitchen. Also, ensuring that the plumbing systems are working properly, reinstalled kitchen faucets and other plumbing services that are needed.

Kitchen Design Photos: Below are several pictures of modern kitchens for your idea file. If you enjoy the style and design ideas found in these modern kitchen photos, you might also enjoy our galleries of European Kitchens, Asian Kitchens, and Contemporary Kitchens as well. Happy planning!

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