Proctor Silex 50247A Smooth Pour 10-Speed Blender

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Proctor Silex 50247A Smooth Pour 10-Speed Blender The Proctor Silex 10 Speed Blender delivers all the delicious flavors of restaurant smoothies, icy drinks,…

Proctor Silex 50247A Smooth Pour 10-Speed Blender

The Proctor Silex 10 Speed Blender delivers all the delicious flavors of restaurant smoothies, icy drinks, and milkshakes with the performance you need for consistent results every time. Featuring stainless steel blades, a powerful 550 watt peak power motor, ten speeds and pulse blending action, this blender is fully equipped to prepare a variety of great-tasting beverages. Ordinary blenders spin contents around the walls of the jar, which can leave whole chunks untouched by the blades. This blender has a unique container and blade system designed to continually force the mixture down into the blades for perfectly smooth results every time. The 40 ounces glass jar has easy-to-read measurement marks and can withstand hot soups as well as icy drinks. Clean up is a breeze as the jar easily disassembles and is dishwasher safe.

Durable glass jar

The 40 ounces glass jar on this blender offers optimal durability and performance with a comfortable handle for easy serving. Made from Boroclass borosilicate glass, the jar is thermal shock tested to withstand extreme temperature changes. You can take the jar from the hot dishwasher and prepare a frozen drink with no worries. Cleanup is easy as the jar is dishwasher safe. Built to withstand the rigors of crushing ice, this jar will serve up a batch of icy drinks just as easily as a delicate soup. Measure ingredients right into the jar using the filler cap and easy to read measurement marks in four ounces increments.

No more ice chunks

Nobody likes a smoothie with large pieces of ice or frozen fruit. Traditional blenders can leave whole chunks of ice untouched by the blades. The jar and blade were specifically designed to work together to pull mixtures down into the blades for consistent results. This innovative design lets you prepare icy drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes perfectly smooth every time.

Versatile blending options

With 10 speeds and a durable stainless steel blade, this blender can handle any task. Blenders are frequently used for beverages, but selecting the right speed to make the perfect drink can be confusing. Buttons labeled Milkshake, Smoothie, and Icy Drink make choosing the right speed easy. The pulse buttons allow you to manually control the blender, stopping and starting it so that ice cubes and frozen fruit can fall down into the blade. Pulsing a few times before moving to higher speeds can give you a smoother drink in less time. Crush ice with the Ice Breaker pulse button. Not just for beverages, this blender can also be used to grate, puree, crumb, and chop.

About Proctor Silex

Since 1960, Proctor Silex has been providing durable small kitchen appliances and irons for homes nationwide. When it comes to quality, we simply aim higher. Our testing exceeds Underwriters Laboratories requirements. From blenders to waffle bakers, all Proctor Silex products are subjected to rigorous performance testing to make sure we deliver quality products that you can count on every day for years to come. Bringing you a great combination of features, reliability, durability, and performance at an affordable price, Proctor Silex meets your needs. Whether you use a coffeemaker every morning or bring out a slow cooker for a holiday meal, Proctor Silex products will give you great results every time.

Features and Benefits
  • Unique container and blade design
  • Dishwasher safe 40 ounces glass jar
  • Jar is thermal shock tested to withstand extreme temperature changes
  • 10 speeds
  • Pulse blending action
  • 550 watt peak power motor
  • Durable stainless steel blades

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