Wood Carving Sloyd Knife for Whittling and Roughing for beginners and profi – Durable High carbon steel – Spoon Carving Tools – Thin wood working

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Knife Details : ✔ Blade Material – High-Quality Carbon Steel✔ For all Types of Wood✔ Handle Material – Oak Wood✔ Total length : 8 inches approx. ✔ Blades length : 3….

Knife Details :
✔ Blade Material – High-Quality Carbon Steel
✔ For all Types of Wood
✔ Handle Material – Oak Wood
✔ Total length : 8 inches approx.
✔ Blades length : 3. 15 inch approx.

Knife Features :  

  • Craft Knife is designed specifically for wood carving, green woodworking, whittling and roughing wood out. The thin pointed tip of the knife can be used for delicate wood cutting and allows working in tight areas of details. The rounded part of the blade allows cutting in the hollow areas and can be used to make rolled, slicing cuts.
  • You don’t need to worry about sharpening and polishing the blade because our carving knife is razor-sharp, so you can use it right out of the package.
  • Blade made of high carbon instrumental steel. The cutting edge is hardened to RC 58-60.
  • Cutting edge is very sharp, which allows you to cut soft wood. The cuts are very smooth and shiny. The cutting edge is durable to cut hardwoods such as oak or walnut.
  • This knife for wood carving has an oak handle with comfortable, ergonomic design.

If you are beginner :  Remember, these knives for wood carving are very sharp, so you need to be careful. Please use a carving glove on the hand you’re holding the piece of wood with. Make sure to use your wrist, and not your elbow, to control the whittling knife.

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